Reduce TCO

Reduce Total Cost of ownership (TCO) and Increase Return on Investment (ROI) by moving your infrastructure, platform and software to the cloud.

Faster Time-to-Market

Reduce development and deployment time of your software and services by moving your platform and service to the cloud.

Technology leadership

Adopt new technology, software and services quicker, by utilizing the cloud platform and services.


Scale your applications on demand and load balance your servers and network infrastructure on the fly.


Take advantage of the in built security features & Tools of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Service Offerings

We provide a variety of cloud services that offer complete enterprise solutions.

Infrastructure as a solution

IaaS allows organisations to move their servers, networks, storage and other compute infrastructure to the cloud. This enables them to quickly and effectively build the hardware infrastructure without having to procure, install and maintain them.

Platform as a solution

PaaS provides an additional layer of abstraction over IaaS. With PaaS, organisation can start development, testing and deployment of applications on the cloud, without having to build and setup the development platform and environment necessary for application development. Moreover teams can share the same development environment, without having to worry about setup and configuration of individual systems.

Software as a solution

SasS enables enterprises and SMBs to distribute their applications and services from a cloud. This enables organisations to focus on their application development and not have to worry about deployment, scaling, licensing of thier application or the infrastructure needed to run them.


With containers applications can be deployed quickly and scaled automatically. Containers allow applications to contain all the application code, configuration, operating system, libraries and dependencies can be packaged into a single image and can be quickly launched.


DevOps helps organisations delivery their applications and services quickly and effectively. DevOps helps achieve “continues integration” (where code developed by engineers are integrated as it is developed) and “continous delivery” (application releases are made automatically as and when there is a code change).

Cloud Services

We provide all the services needed for a successful deployment of your application on the cloud.

Cloud Deployment, Migration

Migrate or deploy from scratch, the compute, storage, database and network, infrastructure resources to the cloud.

Server Sizing & Cost Optimisation

Analyse the application requirements, size the server and other resources appropriately and reduce total cost of deployment.

DevOps Services

Implement DevOps services such as continuous delivery and continuous integration onto the cloud.


Containerise your application into packages that can be independently deployed and scaled. Develop & Deploy with Docker, Kubernetes.

Cloud services integration

Develop cloud middleware and integrate your applications with cloud services such as media services, mobile services and analytics.

Security & Identify

Secure your applications and data and provide authentication and identity with cloud security & identity services.


Develop analytics, search capabilities, business intelligence and BigData services on the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services - AWS - S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), AWS Code Deploy, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Elastic Transcoder


Azure - App Service, Azure Container Service (AKS), SQL Server Database, Azure Active Directory, Azure Service Bus, Azure Media Services, Azure Blob Storage.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform - Compute, Containers, Storage, Database, Identity, Services