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Social Media App

iOS, Android, Angular, Postgresql, NodeJS, AWS

Social Media App with more than 2 million users. This app has the following features.

  • Public Forum with support for images and video sharing
  • 1-on-1 chat messaging with friends
  • Newsroom with curated content from popular sites
  • Short Video sharing and Video Gallery
  • Public/Private Groups with image and video sharing
  • Public Profile page for each user
  • User engagement with Like, Share and Comment to Posts
  • Post from and to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp
  • Support for #hastags and Trending Topics
Social Media Public Forum - Post Image
Social Media Public Form - Share Web Page
Social Media Newsroom - Check Latest News
Social Media Newsroom - Check News by Category
Social Media - Video Gallery
Social Media - Shoot Short Video
Social Media - Video Gallery Details
Social Media - User Public Profile