Architected, designed and built for high performance, and a seamless user experience.


We build backends that are scalable across 1000s of nodes and databases with millions of record.


Built with security as a core in the architecture and design of the solution.

Web App Development

We develop web applications in a variety of frameworks and architectures.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stands for a full stack comprising of MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and NodeJS. The stack can be customised, for example, Postgresql instead of Mongodb or sails.js/hapi.js instead of express.js


Angular is a framework that is powered by google, that supports development of cross platform web applications, that is easier and modular. Progressive web applications provide a way for developing applications that provide native app like experience on mobile application.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular web application development framework, which makes programming easier and quicker. It is built on the concept of “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (all common functionality is nicely abstracted away) and “Convention over configuration” (get development started quickly with standard conventions).

ECommerce Applications

WooCommerce and Magento are popular ecommerce application development frameworks. Both frameworks provide support for ecommece features such as product catalog, shopping cart, order management, payment gateway integration, product ratings and reviews.

Micro services architecture

Microservices architecture is a method of building applications as a suite of small, modular, independently deployable and scalable modules and is ideal for building large scale enterprise applications.

Web App Services

We provide all the services needed for the development and deployment of a high performance web app.

Server Architecture

Architect the solution with performance, scale and security built in. Design the modules, middleware and components of the solution.

Database Design

Understand the business model and represent through ER diagrams. Implement in Database with performance and scale in mind.

Server Development

Develop the solution in an agile manner, using test driven development (TDD) model.

Server Testing

Performance Testing, Scale Testing, Security Testing, API Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Test Automation.

Security Architecture

API Security, Database Security, Authentication and session management, SQL Injection, Denial of Service.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning of existing or new applicaiton. Performance tuning of business logic, services, database, APIs.

Middleware development

Development of middleware, integration with cloud services, third party service providers and APIs.

Cloud Deployment

Deployment to a private or public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.


NodeJS - Authentication, Payment Gateway, Social Media, Push Notification, Firebase, Google maps, ExpressJS


ExpressJS - Routing, Middleware, Error Handling, Performance


Angular - Modular, high performance, Fast development cycle


Woocommerce - Ecommerce framework, product catalog, shopping cart, product catalog


MySQL - Light Weight, Open Source database


PostgreSQL - Open Source, High volume database


Microsoft SQL Server - Enterprise Class, High performance database


MongoDB - NoSQL, open source database