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Designed for RK Sales Corporation, a leading supplier of bath and kitchen ware, this custom eCommerce app grants vendors, instant access to their product catalogues. It enables the effortless placement of bulk orders and real-time tracking of shipping progress, thereby optimising the procurement and logistics process.

eCommerce App

Custom eCommerce App: Goals

RK Sales Corporation is a wholesale reseller of Bath and Kitchen products. It has distributors situated across India and place orders offline through email and phone calls. RK Sales wanted to bring the system online so that orders can be placed online and inventories are updated real time.

RK Sales frequently announces offers and discounts on its products, that needs to be propagated real time to its vendors. The app needs to be flexible enough to allow different levels of employees of the vendors to be able to take actions and approved by supervisors.

RK Sales also has sales executives who work with multi vendors and place orders on their behalf.

RK Sales Corporation partnered with APPILY Technologies to deliver this eCommerce platform and bring their sales channel online. We developed the mobile app for RK Sales' vendors and sales executives and quickly deployed for operations. We added features to keep the inventory, orders and other data in total sync with the rest of accounting systems for seamless transition.

eCommerce App Login Screen
eCommerce App Side Menu
eCommerce Product Catalogue
eCommerce Product Details
eCommerce App Carts Screen
eCommerce App Orders Screen
eCommerce App Reports Screen
Reports Filter Screen

Custom eCommerce App Features

Product Catalogue: Browse the list of products organized by product categories. Product listing with product images, price, discounts, SKU and other summary information.

Shopping Cart: Quickly add products to the shopping cart for checkout or save for later. Remove products, change quantity and make modification on the cart items.

Payment Gateway: Make payment through a secure payment gateway. Multiple payment options such as Credit/Debit Cards, NetBanking and UPI. Support for refunds upon order cancellation.

Offers & Coupons: Browse the list of offers and coupons and apply them to products. Offers and coupons may have start and end dates and may to specific to products and region of sale.

Order Tracking: Check the status of orders real time. Receive notifications when order status changes. Make modification to the order or cancel order before the order is processed. Shipping address can be modified before shipping.

Sales Executive Operations: Sales executive can login and place orders on behalf of customers. Notifications are sent to the customers on order placement and status updates. Sales executive can browse the list of customers region wise and view sales reports and order history.

Catalogue Download: Admin can upload product brochures, catalogue books and other marketing materials viewable by sales executives and retail customers. Users can download the document and share via social media like whatsapp and facebook.

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