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What Is React Native?

React Native embarked on its journey when Facebook recognised a need for building mobile applications with the same efficiency and agility as web applications. Introduced to the public in 2015, React Native was born from Facebook’s earlier venture with React, a JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces. The tech giant wanted to bring the benefits of React, primarily its declarative user interface paradigm and virtual DOM, to the mobile space.

React Native’s main purpose is to enable developers to craft native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms using a single, shared JavaScript codebase. By bridging the gap between JavaScript and native components, it allows for the creation of truly native UI experiences, bypassing the limitations often found in hybrid or web-based mobile solutions. With its “learn once, write anywhere” philosophy, React Native not only accelerates the app development process but also ensures a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. This revolutionary approach has positioned React Native as a go-to choice for startups to Fortune 500 companies looking to create responsive, performant, and beautiful mobile applications.

Why React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native Truly Cross Platform Icon

Fully Cross Platform

React Native is a fully cross-platform technology, allowing developers to develop code in React but run on multiple platforms - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Web.

React Native Performance Icon

Near Native Performance

React Native is optimised to provide near-native performance without the overhead associated with developing and maintaining multiple native apps.

React Native Ecosystem Icon

Robust Ecosystem

React Native has a thriving community of developers, and a robust ecosystem of libraries, plugins and tools, enabling development of enterprise grade apps.

React Native Components Icon

Modular Architecture

React Native supports a modular architecture, allows developers to create apps with clean, reusable code that is easy to maintain.

React Native - React Code Reuse Icon

Code Reuse

React Native, sharing the same foundation, language, and ecosystem as its web counterpart, React, facilitates seamless code reuse across both mobile and web platforms.

React Native Javascript Foundation Icon

JavaScript Foundation

React Native, as a JavaScript framework, enables seamless integration and skill reuse across a wide array of frontend and backend JavaScript libraries and tools, facilitating an integrated development stack

Popular Apps Built With React Native

React Native’s prowess in mobile app development is evident in its widespread adoption by industry giants. Its capability to deliver stellar performance without compromising on user experience has made it the choice for many. Here’s a showcase of renowned applications crafted with the React Native touch.

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React Native Development Illustration

React Native at APPiLY Technologies

The Foundation (2013 Onwards):

Our journey into mobile app development began in 2013, focusing initially on native app development. We crafted Android applications using Java, transitioning to Kotlin following its endorsement by Google. Similarly, our iOS applications evolved from Objective-C to Swift, aligning with Apple's innovations. This era was characterised by our commitment to harnessing platform-specific capabilities to deliver superior app experiences.

Exploring Cross-Platform Solutions:

The quest for efficiency led us to explore cross-platform frameworks, such as Cordova and Ionic. These tools enabled us to develop applications for both Android and iOS from a single codebase. Despite achieving cross-platform functionality, we encountered challenges related to performance and the nuanced user experiences of each platform.

Embracing React Native (2018 Onwards):

React Native's debut in 2015 marked a significant shift in cross-platform app development. Its promise of optimised performance and native-like user interfaces resonated with our goals. We were quick to recognise its potential, integrating React Native into our workflow in 2018. This strategic pivot allowed us to excel in delivering:

  • Cost-Effective, High-Quality Applications: React Native's efficiency reduced development time and resource allocation, enabling cost savings and quicker development cycles for our clients.
  • Unified Technology Stack: Adopting React Native for mobile and React for web applications fostered extensive code reuse and streamlined our technical proficiency. This consolidation has been instrumental in enhancing our delivery capabilities and service quality.

Looking Ahead: The React Native Roadmap:

The React Native community's ambitious roadmap, including the New Architecture initiative, promises further enhancements in performance and user interface fluidity. Anticipating these advancements, we are committed to incorporating these improvements into our development practices. Our proactive approach ensures that the apps we develop not only meet but exceed current standards, offering exceptional user experiences and leveraging the latest technological innovations.

React Native Tools & Libraries Used At Our App Company

Leveraging the right tools and libraries from the react native ecosystem is important to crafting top-notch applications. Our meticulous selection of these industry-leading resources amplifies our commitment to delivering superior outcomes for our clients.

Expo Logo


An open-source platform streamlining the React Native development process. With Expo, we can build, deploy, and quickly iterate on native Android, iOS, and web applications, all from a single codebase.

React Navigation Logo

React Navigation

The go-to solution for navigation within our React Native apps. React Navigation provides a seamless user experience with optimal performance, ensuring intuitive transitions between screens.

Redux Logo


A state management tool that enhances the predictability of our applications. By centralising app state and logic with Redux, we ensure consistent behaviour and efficient updates across our React Native projects.

React Query Logo

React Query

An essential library for fetching, caching, and synchronising server data in our applications. React Query boosts our app’s efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining data synchronisation.

React Hook Form Logo

React Hook Form

A minimalistic form management solution that accelerates our development process. React Hook Form simplifies form validation and data collection, leading to more robust and user-friendly interfaces.

React Native Elements Logo

React Native Elements

A comprehensive UI toolkit that enhances our design process. React Native Elements offers us a diverse array of customisable components, ensuring our apps are visually cohesive and user-friendly.

React Native Mobile App Development Stack

At our mobile app development company, after thorough research and consideration, we have meticulously assembled a technology stack that aligns with our commitment to providing top-tier performance, rapid development timelines, and cost efficiency.

Mobile App Illustration
React Native Framework Logo

React Native For Android And iOS App

React Native is an exceptional framework designed to build native-like mobile apps using JavaScript. It stands out for its ability to enable cross-platform development, allowing the same codebase to be used for both iOS and Android.

Admin Dashboards Illustration
React Framework Logo

React For Web Apps And Admin Dashboard

React is a highly popular JavaScript library known for its efficiency in building interactive user interfaces based on modular components.

App Backend and API Development Illustration
NodeJS and ExpressJS Logos

NodeJS/ExpressJS For Backend And API

NodeJS (and ExpressJS) provides a powerful environment to run server backends and is ideal for building scalable and efficient network applications.

App Database Development Illustration
MongoDB Database Logo

MongoDB For Database

MongoDB is a leading no-SQL database, excels in handling large volumes of distributed data.

Cloud Services Illustration
AWS Cloud Logo

AWS For Cloud

Being the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, AWS offers a wide range of cloud services including computing power, storage options, and networking capabilities.

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