Photography App

Designed for photography enthusiasts, Monet offers a vibrant platform to showcase talent through contests. Participants can enter competitions, submit their best photos and artwork, and win exciting prizes. The Marketplace allows creator to sell their best creative works.

Photography App

Photography App Requirements & Challenge

Photo enthusiasts love showcasing their work among their peers. Besides there is a market for high-quality, creative photos and art works among hobbyists and businesses.

Monet wanted to create a safe and secure online platform for photo enthusiasts to be able to submit their photos and able to sell them in a marketplace. To encourage active participation, Monet wanted to create photo contests and reward the top submissions.

Monet partnered with APPILY Technologies to develop this photography app and platform. We delivered a very high quality app product with several features and workflow catered to this user segment.

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Photography App Features

Photo Contests

Admin can create a contest and publish it. Contests have a entry start date and end date during which participants can make their photo submissions. Admin can also specify topics, guidelines and rules for the contest.

After the submission end date, admin will select the winners and assign rewards to the winners. The best photos also get featured in the Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery

Selected photos from the photo contest submissions are displayed here. Hashtags can be associated with the photos during submissions and users can search photos based on these hashtags.

Users can like these photos, add to favourites, comment and add reactions to these photos. From these interactions, the most popular and trending photos are ascertained and featured at the top of the gallery.


Creators can submit there photos to be listed in the marketplace and set a price. The marketplace lists all such photos, searchable by category, topics and hashtags.

Before purchase, lower resolution photos with watermarks are shown in the marketplace. Once user purchases the photo, the watermark is removed and high resolution images are made available. Money from the purchase are credited to the creators after commission and taxes.

Payment Gateway

We have integrated payment gateway to enable users to purchase photos and pay for entry fees while entering contests. Support for payment through various methods like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and UPI are provided.

We have also integrated Apple's In App Purchase, to enable iPhone users to make purchases through the App Store itself.

Physical Art

Our photography App supports selling of Physical Arts in addition to digital photos. Physical Art once purchased are collected from the creators and shipped to the purchaser.

Work is in the pipeline to add blockchain technology and NFTs to the art work, to avoid thefts and assign secure ownership to the creators.

Exceeding Expectations!

" Working with APPiLY was a collaborative and enjoyable experience. They were responsive, flexible, and demonstrated a high level of expertise in app development. They were able to turn our vision into reality, delivering an app that exceeded our expectations. The post-launch support and maintenance have been excellent, showcasing their commitment to long-term client relationships. We look forward to future collaborations and highly recommend their services. "

Vedik Ramesh

Co-Founder, ADI Ventura Pvt Ltd

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