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Innergize is a Tarot and Oracle card app that is meant to bring out the inner psychic in you by helping you reveal the divine secrets of your spirit through Oracle cards. With mesmerising visuals, healing music and a user-friendly interface, this app is designed to help unlock your truths and get you moving in the direction of your highest potential.

Tarot Card App

Tarot Card App: Goals

Tarot Cards guide in making decisions in life when the path is unclear. Tarot cards connect with the inner psychic and reveals the path through divine connection. This app is indented to be a simple and insightful way to read tarot and oracle cards.

Whether for daily guidance or guidance on a specific issue, this tarot app should provide insights and meaning to the readers questions. The oracle cards should provide keywords and description to help the reader gain more clarity.

For specific questions or issues, a systemic laying out of the tarot card deck or spread should help decipher the various energies surrounding the query and provide insightful answers.

APPILY technologies collaborated with our client to bring this elegant app with mesmerising visuals, healing music and user-friendly interface.

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Tarot App Menu Screen
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Tarot Card App Features

Custom Oracle Cards: Beautiful custom oracle cards with full meanings, keywords and description. Mystic card backs are shown first and on click the card is revealed with elegant animation.

Card Spreads: Systemic layout of tarot card deck spreads, are laid out with animation. Several card spreads each meaning to a specific aspect such as love, relations, health and career. Supports simulated shuffling and cutting of cards with animation.

Aesthetic features: Our tarot card app supports multiple themes with several backgrounds and card backs to choose from. Support for night mode is available. Additionally healing background music to relax is provided. All features are fully customisable to the user.

Card Readings: "Card of the day" feature with a one card pull each day for daily guidance. Ability to save the readings of any spread for later views. Options to take notes along with the readings for later review.

Google Ads: We integrated google mobile ads to the app for revenue generation. Added support for both banner and Interstitial ads that are displayed upon specific actions and at intervals in the app. Ads were kept to a minimum to increase user engagement and loyalty.

In App Purchase: The basic version of the app is free and the user can purchase premium features with Apple's App Store and Google's Play Stores "in-app-purchase". Premium features include availability of premium spreads, additional card backs and ad free experience.

Highly Knowledgable

" APPiLY recently developed and successfully launched an app for me on IOS and Android Platform. I must say I was very impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness and great turnaround time. They are highly knowledgeable and committed to the success of the project. I highly recommend APPiLY for all your App development needs. Thank you APPiLY for all your support! "

Predikshini Gopal

Founder, Innergize

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