Taxi Ride Hailing App

Opta Cabs is an taxi riding and sharing app similar in functionality to Uber and Ola developed by our mobile app company for a Bangalore based taxi service company.

Taxi Hailing App

Taxi Hailing App: Challenges

Taxi passengers in crowded cities like Bangalore face several hardships. Non availability of taxis, high commuter fees and surge charges and rude driver behaviour or some of the issues they face.

The Taxi drivers face their own set of problems. Long holding period of money earned by taxi companies, irregular income and long work hours make the job very less attractive.

Opta Cabs based out of Bangalore, wanted to create a Taxi Hailing Platform that can address these major issues and create a user friendly and viable service for both drivers and riders.

APPiLY Technologies in partnership with Opta Cabs created a Taxi Hailing Platform from the ground up. We created mobile apps for drivers and riders similar to popular apps such as Uber and Ola.

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Taxi Hailing App Features

Taxi Hailing

Our taxi hailing app supports taxis of different capacity. The user can see the type of taxis that are available nearby and choose one. User can specify the destination and get a quick cost and time estimate of the ride.

Once requested by the user, the information is sent to all nearby taxi drivers. Once a driver accepts, the ride is confirmed and the rider is notified of the driver details. The rider can see the current location of the driver and track his ride to the pickup location.

Taxi Riding

As an added security feature, a secret OTP is sent to the rider and the driver needs to enter the OTP to start the ride.

Both the driver and rider are shown the preferred route to the destination for the ride. The rider has an option to choose a different route and notify the driver to take that route. The complete ride is tracked and showed in a map for both the rider and driver.

The cost and time to destination is updated real time to account for traffic delays and wait/idle times.

Google Map Integration

We have seamlessly integrated Google Maps to our taxi hailing platform. Google maps is used for showing driver locations, route calculation and for price and time estimation.

The entire ride is tracked and stored in the backend databases. This provides additional security for the central admin to locate and track any ongoing or past rides.

Price Calculator

We have implemented a completely configurable and flexible price calculation module to the taxi app. The taxi service company can rollout changes to the pricing calculation based on several parameters with ease.

Our taxi ride price calculation can be fine tuned based on the category of the vehicle, the ride distance, the travel time (including idle/wait times), rush hour, the city and region of the service etc.

Taxi Sharing

After initial launch, we continued to make enhancements and add a taxi sharing feature to the app. The riders, once a ride is booked, can choose to share the ride with other passengers en-route and can inform the driver through the app.

Other rides along the route path also hailing taxis with destination along the route are notified. Once accepted the ride is converted to a multi-destination ride. The price, distance and time to destination are recalculated and updated for all the riders and the driver.

Payment Gateway

We have integrated payment gateway to the app to enable the riders to make payment easily and securely. Support for payment through various methods like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and UPI are provided. Cash payments are also supported.

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