Workflow Management App

A custom Workflow Management App to handle the venue management workflow of Merittrac, a Manipal Group Company and a leader in conducting Assessment Tests and competitive examinations.

WorkFlow Management App

Merittrac Workflow Management: Challenges

Merittrac is a leader in conducting assessment tests and competitive examinations in India. Meriitrac conducts these exams in thousands of venues located across India. Meriitrac has a strict set of rules and guidelines before a venue location is selected for a particular examination.

Since the venues are located across India including remote areas, it is very time consuming and error prone to execute the Venue readiness workflow in the traditional offline mode. Besides, during examination, fingerprinting of students entering and leaving the venue needs to be recorded and processed at a head office without any delays.

Our Solution

APPiLY Technologies partnered with Merittrac to provide a workflow management app and admin dashboard to implement the Venue Management workflow with ease.

We provided several features in the app such as live location tracking, photo and video capture, finger print scanning, QR Code and BarCode Scanning, to enable the examiners to securely capture all information and make it available to the head office in real time.

We also enabled offline mode in the app, to capture and save all data and photos within the app, when there is no network connectivity and sync with server when the mobile phone is online.

Login Screen
Phone Number Input Screen
OTP Input Screen
User Profile Screen
Workflow Management Home Screen
Venue Location Capture Screen
Workflow Venue Photo Capture Screen
Workflow Data Capture Screen
Student Registration Screen
Student ID Scanner Screen
Student Details Screen
Post Exam Detail Capture Screen

Workflow Management App Features

Questionnaire & Checklist: App presents a sequence of forms with list of questionnaire and checklist to be filled by the examiner. Support for various types of questions such as single choice, multiple choice, Yes or No, free form, photo and video capture, file upload

Geo Location Capture: To ensure that the data is captured at the correct venue, the mobile phone geo location is also tracked and recorded along with rest of information. Photos and Videos uploaded are also geo tagged.

Finger Printing and Verification: The fingerprint module allows capturing of finger prints using a connected finger scanning device. The module is capable of authentication and verification of the fingerprint, by validating against the previous recorded fingerprint in the server.

Reports: Once the examination is concluded and the data is uploaded to the server from the app, extensive reports are generated viewable in an Admin Dashboard. These reports help the management quickly visualise the progress and identify actionable items.

Offline Mode: The app can fully operate in offline mode when network access is not available. All the data captured, including photos, videos and geo locations are stored in the phone locally to be synced with server once online.

Quality Work

" I worked with APPiLY on a project (Android app + Web app) and was satisfied with their delivery. They were quick and efficient, delivering quality work within the agreed timeline. The team seemed knowledgeable and competent, and the work was bug-free. I would consider working with them again. "

Sasikiran Boddapati

Engineering Lead, Merittrac

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